About HumorPix

9 people once had a vision. A vision that made people laugh. Using funny pictures and funny videos. They went on a mission. A mission that still remains unclear.
This mission is a dream. Here's the team that makes this dream come true.
Billy Bob McGyver Jr.
Billy was born in Houston Texas. His business skills came clear at a young age when he tricked his grandfather in buying brown sugar just because it matched his shirt.
Likes:Chubby birds, Nice long spongebaths.
Dislikes:Soap, Dogs, English knights, Big hands.
Music:Mel Tormé, Dolly Parton.
Raymond "Blue-Ray" Richards
Database supervisor
Blue-Ray likes everything blue. He adores the blue sky. His house is bright blue. Heck, even his coffee is blue. He made a scene during development because he disliked the color of the website.
Likes:The blues, Porn movies
Dislikes:Our graphics designer, The color red, The color green. Planet Mars.
Music:Blue man group.
Marion "The Fab" Montana
Graphics designer
Born and raised in San Francisco. Originaly went with a pink theme but soon backed out for some reasons.
Likes:Eurovision song contest, Chiuaua, House decorations.
Dislikes:Bad hair, Cheap shampoos. Closets.
Music:Hole, Pet shop boys, Wham, Creed.
Jonathan "Lord of chaos" Cooper
Technical support
Born in Seattle. Released from a mental institution in 2003 after 5 years. All of a sudden felt urged to give people technical support and deticated his life to it.
Dislikes:Sunny days, the color pink, Oprah
Music:Nirvana, Alice in chains, Pink
Aaron "Dragonlord" Thetires
CSS / XHTML monkey
We found this one wandering the streets asking for directions to Tokyo. After a while he found out how to get there but he kept running in to all the walls. We gave him some soup and some bread. That's his only sallary today.
Likes:Spongebob squarepants, Jay leno, Whitney Houston
Music:Ghoztdigital, Pizzicato five, Mugison, Björk
"Dudester" Mahoney
Important guy on the sofa
I don't really know where he comes from and neither does he. He likes ping-pong. We enjoy his points of view. His views can be blurry.
Likes:Sofas, Tv dinners, McDonalds, Weed.
Dislikes:Vegetables, Unconfortable sofas, College stereotypes.
Music:Postal service, Portishead, Cosmoskva, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin
Johnny "The Cock" Cockhran
Head of attraction
Knows his way around the chicks. He's the reason for the huge female followers. Has something to do with humorpix not beeing pink.
Likes:Girls, Chicks, Birds, Beer.
Dislikes:Nerds, Geeks, Virgins (the male kind)
Music:Magni, Skitamorall, Rammstein, Creed
Johan Johansen
PHP hacker
We don't really know who this guy is. We met him in a party in Helsingi and he seemed pretty cool. We did not understand a word but Aaron seemed to be his type. I guess it has something to do with the walls.
Likes:Aaaron, Marion's pink idea, Marion.
Dislikes:Johnny, Sweden, Beer.
Music:Akon, Usher, Eminem.
Baldur "Húlli" Hólmgeirsson
Everything above
Tells those idiots obove what to do and when it fails, does it himself.
Likes:Beer, coffee and cheese
Dislikes:Everything but beer, cofee and cheese
Music:Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Pearl Jam, Mad Season, David Bowie, Band of Horses, The Arcade Fire, Herbie Hancock, James Brown, etc, etc....